Medfield MA, Curbside Home Trash Pickup

Curbside Trash Pick up

United Material Management is a leader in the home trash pick up industry.  We offer amazing rates and customer service.  We will supply you with a standard large garbage tote as well as a recycling tote for your trash.  Below you will find an FAQ page that gives more detail in our home trash pickup for Medfield residents.  Our goal is to give you the best overall service in the home trash pickup industry.

Home Recycling in Medfield, MA

We supply you with a curbside recycling tote for your recyclable items. On your scheduled pickup day, just set the tote at the curb and we will take care of the rest. We offer weekly home pickup of recyclables in the Medfield area so your tote will not become over-run. Your recycling waste is sorted at one of the largest single stream recycling facilities in Massachusetts to separate all the like item objects.  We want to be your recycling provider, give United Material Management a call today!

With UMM in Medfield you are more than a customer

You are important to us and for that reason we’ve created a signature service with you in mind. We have set a new standard for your curbside residential collection needs. Homeowners in the Medfield, MA area we serve are valued as more than just customers. Throughout the years we have built life long relationships in our community and have worked together to watch over one another. Today, we are proud that we are able to serve in the same neighborhoods in which we were raised. Your new curbside pickup journey will include multiple free-service bonuses, single stream recycling, live customer service representatives, and the ability to utilize our custom trash and recycling totes.

About United Material Management

United Material Management is a local, privately owned business whose goal is to develop and offer more efficient, effective waste & material management solutions for customers in the region.