MA Disposal Update

Dear Valued Customer,

Massachusetts is currently facing what industry leaders and environmental professionals are now calling a “Disposal Crisis”. For years, the disposal capacity in The Commonwealth has continued to diminish as landfills close without viable alternatives. Subsequently, waste-to-energy facilities are reaching operating maximums.

Across the country, single stream recycling costs have grown 400% since China’s National Sword Policy enacted in January 2018. Under this policy, China abruptly stopped importing recyclables from the United States, due to difficulties with unacceptable amounts of contamination.

These uncontrollable situations have driven disposal costs to an unprecedented rate. We have no choice but to pass a small portion onto our customers, as we continue to absorb the vast majority of these increases. In doing so, we preserve our ability to continue to provide you with a safe and reliable service. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter. For further reading, please visit the links below.