Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to UMM Curbside.

We hope that you are enjoying your service! Below is some important information we
wanted to remind you of regarding Curbside Collection.

Trash & Single Stream Recycling should be placed at the Curb by 7:00AM on your
regularly scheduled pickup day. Please note that Single Stream Recycling is a No Sort
Process and Recyclables should be comingled together in your recycling container.

Recyclable Materials include:

Newspaper & Advertising Inserts, Corrugated Cardboard & Paper Bags, Paper &
Boxboard, Milk & Juice Cartons, Aluminum Containers, Food Tray & Foils, #1-#7
Plastic Containers, Glass Food & Beverage Containers, Metal Food & Beverage

Included in your Curbside Trash & Recycling Service are a few extra bonuses for you to
take advantage of. Each quarter we will dispose of ONE FREE BULK ITEM FOR NO
ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Please note that you must first contact us with your address to
take advantage of this bonus.

Examples of Bulk Items include:

Furniture, Area rugs, Sinks, Toilets, Bookshelves, Car Seats, Luggage, Lamps, Fax
Machines, Stereos, etc.

If you have additional bulk items during your billing cycle you may contact the office
to arrange a special pickup. A moderate fee will be affixed to the removal of additional
items. Please remember that your free bulk item is limited to one per quarter.

Additionally, we have included FREE AND UNLIMITED METAL PICKUP for you to
take advantage of. Please contact the office with your address to schedule these pickups.

Examples of Metal Items include:

Utility Sinks, Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers, Grills, Car Parts, Metal Pipes,
Wheelbarrows, Bed Frames, File Cabinets, Shelves, Aluminum Gutters, etc.

Please note that mattresses, box springs, TVs, monitors, Freon appliances
and tires are classified as special handling items at our Material Recovery
Facility. Mattresses ($90) and box springs ($90), TVS/Monitors ($35),
Freon Appliances ($40), appliances ($5), and tires ($25). Please contact us
if you would like to make arrangements to have these items removed.



95 & 65 gallon trash and recycling removal service
Toter provided by United Material Management for trash and recycling